Let’s help end homelessness in Chatham-Kent.

At Home with Pathway Law is our 10-year commitment to help bring an end to homelessness and significantly reduce housing insecurity in Chatham-Kent.
At Home - help end homelessness in CK

A 10-year goal to celebrate a 10-year milestone.

On April 1st, 2021, Pathway Law, (formerly Whittal + Company Law Firm) celebrated its 10th anniversary! We wanted to celebrate our milestone by doing something big, meaningful and lasting. We came up with the idea of having a charitable focus, and our discussions led us to the pressing issue of homelessness in our community. We started dreaming and very quickly At Home with Pathway Law was born!

At Home - help end homelessness in CK

This is a big goal.

Chatham-Kent’s homeless population has been growing, and the recent climb in housing costs have put more people at risk. This goal is well-timed, but we can’t reach it on our own; ending homelessness will only be possible as part of a steady coordinated effort with others who are also passionate about this goal.

For our part, the strength that we offer is in organizing campaigns that raise awareness and financial support for organizations who have a proven track record of success in addressing homelessness. Our contribution will help to ensure that those organizations can accomplish the incredible work they set out to do, in and around our community.

Momentum is already building.

Local organizations have already joined together to start working on this issue. A committee, led by NeighbourLink CK, has been working on a partnership agreement with an organization called Indwell. The committee aims to tackle the issue of how to end homelessness and housing insecurity by bringing Indwell’s affordable supportive housing program to our area. Indwell entered into an agreement with NeighbourLink CK, and in December 2020 the city of Chatham-Kent approved one-time funding of $100,000 in support of the project.

At Home - help end homelessness in CK
Indwell - Hope and Homes for all

Indwell: Hope and Homes for all.

The move to partner with Indwell was intentional. Their first home was established in 1974 and have since amassed hundreds upon hundreds of success stories. They have become an integral part of the communities they serve, and as an organization, have continued to set ambitious, yet realistic goals.

Indwell is a charity, who creates supportive, permanent affordable housing communities for people seeking health, wellness and belonging. As of 2021 they successfully provide permanent housing for over 700 people who were formerly at risk of homelessness or experiencing homelessness. The Indwell housing communities are truly hope & homes for all.

Our Commitment

At Home with Pathway Law is our way of galvanizing our desire to end homelessness in Chatham-Kent. We are pledging $250,000 over ten years toward this goal. Part of this campaign will include donating a portion of the legal fee from every real estate transaction completed by Pathway Law. As our clients settle into their new homes, they can feel great knowing that trusting Pathway Law for their real estate transaction helped make CK a safer, healthier, happier community for everyone that calls it home.

When you see the At Home with Pathway Law symbol, it means that we are following through on our commitment, and that others are joining in the cause.

At Home symbol - help end homelessness in CK

“Indwell is honoured to partner with [Pathway Law] as they make this significant commitment to reduce homelessness in Chatham Kent. As Indwell explores how we can contribute to ending homelessness in the area, [Pathway Law’s] pledge demonstrates their leadership and vision for their community.”

Jeff Neven, Executive Director of Indwell

This is possible – join the At Home movement to end homelessness and housing insecurity.

Pathway Law is celebrating 10 years of serving the legal needs in the community of Chatham-Kent. We know that living and working in a community means looking after one another and paying forward the kindness that we experience every day. That’s what the vision for At Home with Pathway Law is all about. Watch for more information in the coming weeks and months about how you can get involved.